09 March 2012

Ten Paces - Villains Week!

I can't really help but be insanely proud of this. This is probably the first illustration that I have done in months that I am truly happy with. And it is an excellent feeling. So, I had a fabulous sketch done by Eva Galesloot, and I loved her character sketch so much I decided to try an experiment with illustrator and photoshop instead. And I have to say - it was awesome.

And the final product:
Villains Week @ Ten Paces

02 March 2012


I've been quite neglectful these days, but I'm back and working on a few projects that I will be posting in the next few weeks! 

Over the past few weeks, I have been concentrating on hand lettering, both traditionally and digitally. This, I drew with Micron Pens and played with photoshop. It is still in progress and has a purpose, but that is still in the works.
Cinco de Mayo

Okay, I have a HUGE soft spot for vintage type, slab serifs, wood type - you name it, I adore it. It's probably why my sketchbook and all my graph paper has been nothing but drawings like this. I am currently building a display font based of "The End". I tend to start drawing my letters with E, then I move to L, to I and build from there. This has been a wonderful experience and has given me some wonderful practice using illustrator's pen tool as well as the opacity mask. Snap to Grid is the best thing ever.

The End 2

The End 1

31 January 2012

Well I Win at Just Being Awful

What the title said. Part of my new years resolutions (the ones I made up on a whim) was to really start posting and creating more. So, here is a little experiment I did today. I recently purchased several books of vintage type and have been drawing it ALL THE TIME NOW. I'm also getting down the pen tool. We're cool now.


08 September 2011

Tumble my Tumblr...

I have a Tumblr now. Tumblr is here. I post silly things here. Well, I post silly things here too. Just let me post my silly things?