21 December 2009

Das Blogging

I find it very difficult to commit to blogs, especially when its comes to keeping up with them. I'm trying though.

19 December 2009

The Baltimore Sustainability Project

All the juniors were commissioned by the city of Baltimore to create a poster that  promoted using sustainable alternatives. 
Here's my entry:


   Xtrakt is a fictional company developed over the first couple weeks in my Digital Illustration class. The first version I completed with the use of hand drawn elements and photoshop. The second was done in Illustrator and the third was my illustrator image with an overlay done in photoshop.

A Snowman for All Seasons

A Snowman for All Seasons!

       A Snowman for All Seasons is a product that was developed for "The Lab" class at MICA. (See Links for the link to the class!) The calendar features twelve full color images, printed on bristol paper and displayed on a cd jewel case. (Dimensions: 4' x 6") These calendars were produced just in time for the holiday season and sold at the Illustration booth at MICA's 3rd Annual Art Market! 
        There are a few left in stock and if any one is interested, I will be setting up an Etsy shop over break. Check back here for updates!
       In addition to the calendar, three designs featuring January and October's snowmen were made into buttons which will be posted shortly.
      I also have a blog in the works (which is also on the Links bar) to show concept sketches, and the whole 3 month process.

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