08 September 2011

Tumble my Tumblr...

I have a Tumblr now. Tumblr is here. I post silly things here. Well, I post silly things here too. Just let me post my silly things?

27 August 2011

Corgi President

Corgi President by Sarah Straub?
Corgi President, a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
Pet Portrait week at Ten Paces, the sketch was drawn by the amazing Bryan Ische and finished by yours truly!

I'm trying to work in a new way and I like it so far. I really do.

Via Flickr:
Ten Paces - Corgi President

Rockabilly Week - Ten Paces

Rockabilly by Sarah Straub?
Rockabilly, a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
It was Rockabilly week at Ten Paces and I had the honor of finishing Marloes de Vries sketch!

Via Flickr:
Ten Paces - Rockabilly Week

Oh I'm awful.

I update now.

05 July 2011


This post may have come too late. But this happened. Will update very soon. Promise?

07 April 2011


Working on this one right now. Well, sorta. I have a stencil job to finish up.

04 April 2011


This was the first pattern I was able to make in illustrator with a more complicated repeat. Oh and  another pillow. When it gets annoying, let me know and I'll post 70 more. Whew...

Spinner 1Spinner 2Spinner 3
Spinner Mock-up

03 April 2011

And the Posts Kept on Rolling In...

I've been trying to get this down for a while now, so bear with me, I have so many more of these to show. These are mockups of my new pattern variations on pillows! Whew, it wasn't all that bad. And I took the picture of the pillow all by myself.

Trio of Pillow Mockups

I Stand Corrected

Well, I didn't do my first set of patters correctly unfortunately and as a result I had that lovely white line when I repeated them. So I have to take back my point from illustrator. However, I fixed them and I've been playing around with color quite a bit lately, so here's 13 variations of the same thing!

Sol 1
Sol 2
Sol 3
Sol 4
Sol 5
Sol 6
Sol 7
Sol 8
Sol 9
Sol 10
Sol 11
Sol 12
Sol 13

02 April 2011

At It Again...

I may be doing this all night long...

Untitled Pattern 2
2's Alternate Colors

Vector Pattern

Grayscale Pattern by Sarah Straub?
Grayscale Pattern, a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
My first successful vector pattern with illustrator. It's very simple, but was very fun to try. I think I should do more. So many more. And branch out in my color schemes. Sarah = 1, Illustrator = 0.

Thorns Revisited

I just made my first Spoonflower order! It's set to arrive in two weeks and I spent a few hours revising this little beauty. When I finally post my midterms (which should be tomorrow! Promise!) there will be a much better explanation, but when this is repeated and printed on fabric, it will be a pillow.

Thorn Pattern Revisited

EDIT: Ugh Sentence Structure and grammer.

31 March 2011

Cassette Love Alaskan King Crab?

Okay, so when I said that I had just discovered custom brushes in photoshop I wasn't kidding. It kind of ignited me to try something new and I'm kind of excited of the results.

The first piece was just playing around, It needs some changes like adding some height to free up space but it was a fun experiment and is currently hanging on the third floor of the Brown building for the Senior Illustration show.

The second is an infographic on...wait for it...Alaskan King Crabs. Overall, I like it. Now I have to print it. Oh dear.

Cassette Love
Alaskan Snow Crab Inforgraphic

I could really use a decent header for my blog. I shall make one.

30 March 2011

I Made a Book!

     Okay, I'm all for trying new things. Hell, I just learned how to make a custom brush all by myself and use it competently, almost. How I made it through school not knowing this is beyond me. I'm not a painter and well, I don't pretend to be anymore. So this semester I said to myself, I should learn how to make books. It would do wonders for my sketchbooks because I have yet to find one that truly, truly suits my needs. Size, paper, how it takes to a scanner, how it reacts with pencil, travel, what have you. (That and I desperately needed to finish my printmaking concentration). Well this being my last semester and the toughest one, I didn't realize how challenging and time consuming this class was. This isn't my first book, I actually made one of the Nag Hammadi codices (number 6 to be exact) but it's my first flat back book I've ever made. And there's quite a few mistakes, but for an attempt, it's a noble one and I'm quite pleased with the results. Again this photo was taken on my Ipod and subsequently subjected to an Instagram filter. It's addictive I know. I have a tumblr dedicated to my iPod Hipstamatic and Instagram photos.

ALSO: I promise I will be posting my Mid Terms shortly. You can see a few of my patterns on my flickr that. That is, if you can find it.

29 March 2011

Proof I Do Things

Here are some sneak peaks of things I am doing! These lovely shots were taken from my ipod and then filtered in instagram. I'm kind of addicted to that right now. So, see I'm doing things!

20 March 2011

Fine, it's a Raven.

The Crow by Sarah Straub?
The Crow a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
This little guy has been a fav of mine and keeps appearing in my doodles, so I decided to try something new with him. He will be appearing on my business card.

19 March 2011

How Can There Be a Two?

The Crow 2 by Sarah Straub?
The Crow 2 a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
Another experiment with my lovely little crow or raven, but I was looking at a crow.

01 March 2011


Okay, so it's been a little quiet here on blogspot. That's because I've been working on making Sarah Straub Illustration a real thing! And it is! Check it out!