07 April 2011


Working on this one right now. Well, sorta. I have a stencil job to finish up.

04 April 2011


This was the first pattern I was able to make in illustrator with a more complicated repeat. Oh and  another pillow. When it gets annoying, let me know and I'll post 70 more. Whew...

Spinner 1Spinner 2Spinner 3
Spinner Mock-up

03 April 2011

And the Posts Kept on Rolling In...

I've been trying to get this down for a while now, so bear with me, I have so many more of these to show. These are mockups of my new pattern variations on pillows! Whew, it wasn't all that bad. And I took the picture of the pillow all by myself.

Trio of Pillow Mockups

I Stand Corrected

Well, I didn't do my first set of patters correctly unfortunately and as a result I had that lovely white line when I repeated them. So I have to take back my point from illustrator. However, I fixed them and I've been playing around with color quite a bit lately, so here's 13 variations of the same thing!

Sol 1
Sol 2
Sol 3
Sol 4
Sol 5
Sol 6
Sol 7
Sol 8
Sol 9
Sol 10
Sol 11
Sol 12
Sol 13

02 April 2011

At It Again...

I may be doing this all night long...

Untitled Pattern 2
2's Alternate Colors

Vector Pattern

Grayscale Pattern by Sarah Straub?
Grayscale Pattern, a photo by Sarah Straub? on Flickr.
My first successful vector pattern with illustrator. It's very simple, but was very fun to try. I think I should do more. So many more. And branch out in my color schemes. Sarah = 1, Illustrator = 0.

Thorns Revisited

I just made my first Spoonflower order! It's set to arrive in two weeks and I spent a few hours revising this little beauty. When I finally post my midterms (which should be tomorrow! Promise!) there will be a much better explanation, but when this is repeated and printed on fabric, it will be a pillow.

Thorn Pattern Revisited

EDIT: Ugh Sentence Structure and grammer.