30 March 2011

I Made a Book!

     Okay, I'm all for trying new things. Hell, I just learned how to make a custom brush all by myself and use it competently, almost. How I made it through school not knowing this is beyond me. I'm not a painter and well, I don't pretend to be anymore. So this semester I said to myself, I should learn how to make books. It would do wonders for my sketchbooks because I have yet to find one that truly, truly suits my needs. Size, paper, how it takes to a scanner, how it reacts with pencil, travel, what have you. (That and I desperately needed to finish my printmaking concentration). Well this being my last semester and the toughest one, I didn't realize how challenging and time consuming this class was. This isn't my first book, I actually made one of the Nag Hammadi codices (number 6 to be exact) but it's my first flat back book I've ever made. And there's quite a few mistakes, but for an attempt, it's a noble one and I'm quite pleased with the results. Again this photo was taken on my Ipod and subsequently subjected to an Instagram filter. It's addictive I know. I have a tumblr dedicated to my iPod Hipstamatic and Instagram photos.

ALSO: I promise I will be posting my Mid Terms shortly. You can see a few of my patterns on my flickr that. That is, if you can find it.

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