17 December 2010

Dandelion Leaves?

For my Illustrating the Edible class, we were tasked with the objective of designing seed packets for various vegetables and herbs. I had a different one first, I think it was chard or something, but then I traded for dandelion leaves. And well, to be perfectly honest, I didn't even think you could EAT dandelion leaves, but Allan Comport proved me wrong. So, instead of drawing dandelion leaves I took my adorable little roller and inked it up black ink and generously rolled ink on top of the dandelion leaves and then pressed them on paper. It was kind of gross. Here's some of the results. The more I did it, the more the details of the leaves began to show.

Dandelion Print

Dandelion Print

Dandelion Print

I scanned these prints in and on photoshop I played with the composition, changed the levels and colors to create the finished product below.

Dandelion Leaves Seed Packet

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